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Cyclone Survivor

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase

This program is currently under revision and is NOT available.

Ideal for geography, science & social science.

Competitive ranking given at end of game.

Suitable for a wide range of age groups.

CYCLONE SURVIVOR is an enjoyable computer based simulation of the decision-making process of a person threatened by a cyclone. Players enact the decisions needed in the crucial 24 hours of a cyclone threat. These decisions are based on State Emergency Service procedures. The computer interacts with players and offers choices which require the player to complete activities and respond to situations that arise, while a timer is running. These choices and activities require players to apply their knowledge of the characteristics of cyclones.

Sound effects (which may be silenced) add to the atmosphere created. Players are given a rating at the end of the game. This makes the game highly competitive. Students working in groups will need to discuss the situation and apply their knowledge to making decisions. Above all, it is designed to be enjoyable and to stimulate interest and discussion in the topic.

A help menu is offered throughout the game for players to search for extra information. This help menu provides an extensive range of information on tropical cyclones for students to refer to. All instructions are given on the screen and directions are very easy to follow. The game starts with the issuing of a cyclone warning. (Minimum requirements for this program, Windows 95 operating system) Cost Australian dollars $385 (Price includes a site licence).

Overview - Screenshots - Purchase
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